News Mania


1. Ninja Catalog – There is a new ninja catalog. (P.S. : Sorry for no pictures I am just a Brown Belt)

2. Snow and Sports Catalog – There is a new sports catalog, and some renovations to it too. Green Uniform

Click on the Yellow Penguin in the background to unlock the Green Uniform complete with the Green Ball Cap.

Red Ball Cap

Click on the mound to unlock the Red Ball Cap.

The Sports Catalog in the Cove

The Snow and Sports Catalog doesn’t sell the items that upgrade your gaming instead the Game Upgrader Items are sold at the place where the game can be played:

The Cove = Surfboards (Catchin’ Waves)

The Dock = Wakeboards (Hydro Hopper)

The Ski Lodge = Fising Rod (Ice Fishing)

Now you can access the Game Upgrader Catalog in these rooms: Cove, Dock and Ski Lodge. To access these Catalogs click on a paper sticked somewhere near the game or you could simply click the paper at the bottom right side of the screen.

And to find the Silver Surfboard, click on the word WAVES in the Title of the Cove’s Game Upgrader Catalog.

3. April Fools Party – The April Fools party is confirmed. It will start at April 1 until April 6.

4. Penguin Play Awards Stage – The stage is now open to non-members as well. So don’t forget to check it out. But don’t count on the backstage being open to non-members as well.The Stage

5. New Pin – The new pin is hidden. The pin is the Top Hat Pin. It is found in the Lodge Attic at the upper left side of the screen by the sofa.Top Hat Pin in the Lodge Attic

6. New Set Of Snow Sculptures Showcased

In the Dock – A new Sculpture made by ExtraboumBy Extraboum

In the Beach – A new Sculpture made by ImagemBy Imagem

In the Lighthouse – A new Sculpture made by Yacou123By Yacou123

In the Ski Village – Two new sculptures made by Zsanett and Eggy1plantBy Zsanett

By Eggy1plant

My predictions of the location of the last set of sculptures is..

The Dock, The Beach, The Mountain, The Ski Village and the last one will be in the Beacon.


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  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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