April Fun


April Fools party is still going and I finally got to the Box Dimension by going to an open member igloo that has the Portal Box. The Portal Box is one of the things that can be bought at the Box Store. When the Portal Box is placed in an igloo, penguins can go through it to get to the mysterious Box Dimension.Box Dimension

Try giving a tour in the Box Dimension, all it will say is Where are we? They didnt cover this Box Dimension in the tour guide training….I’m Confused. Or something like that. They also say that the middle box opens up when nobody is standing in the middle or the stairs do you think it is true. What do you think, will the Box Dimension remain where it is even after the party, will it get renovated? Comment me about what you think about this.

The last set of sculptures has arrived. And the predictions I made was true, yay! So here is the list

In the Dock – A new sculpture created by Zohannah7By Zohannah7

In the Beach – A new sculpture made by MonalookaBy Monalooka

In the Beacon – A new sculpture made by Giraffe106

By Giraffe106

In the Ski Village – A new sculpture made by Doudou15By Doudou15

In the Mountain – The most beautiful new sculpture made by Dj Girl RoxBy Dj Girl Rox

This one is special because the fishes spit out water like a fountain every often. This is my favorite sculpture.

Again Congratulations to all the creative winners!

The new Clothing Catalog is out, check it out.

The Penguin Play Awards results are out. It says here The Quest of the Golden Puffle play won every category except Best Costume. The play that won Best Costume is Fairy Fables.Results

Who do you think should have been the winner? Comment me about this.

The newspaper said the schedule of Rockhopper. And there is something very special at the end, it says Rockhopper will be arriving but not on Club Penguin but on Rockhopper Island. What do you think about this shocking schedule? Comment me about this.


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3 Responses to “April Fun”

  1. manufan3 Says:

    youre good to post!
    and im dont quitting! it was an april fool 😀

  2. pengyzu Says:

    Club Penguin has confirmed that the Box Dimension will stay. 😀

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