Easter Egg-stravaganza


Hey everybody, Pengyzu here. As all of you might know it’s easter. And what usually happens on easter on Club Penguin? That’s right….. the egg hunt! So Im gonna show you the locations of the eggs:

1. The first clue talks about the Night Club but the egg isn’t actually in the Night Club… it’s on it! So you need to go to the Town.Star Egg

First you gotta click on the light bulb that doesn’t give off light. After you click on it the egg should pop out. And if you want to see the clue and your progress, click on the egg button on the top right side of your screen.

2. The second clue talks about the Cove. You could tell because of it mentioning floating and where penguin love to play.Wave Egg

Now all you have to do here is to click the egg on the bottom right side of the screen. Simple, right.

3. The third clue actually confused me. I thought it was the Cave/ Pool. But as soon as I checked it wasn’t there. So I remembered the clue saying a cavern surfing dude. And that’s when I got the idea of it being in the Mine.Cavern Surfer Egg

This one is a little bit tricky for me to solve but I did. So you need to hover above the area in the cave from where the cart came from or you could simply just do what you always do when you wanna play Cart Surfer. And then when the cart shows up, the egg will be on it so simply click the egg.

4. The fourth clue talks about the two puffle statues in the Dojo Courtyard. I could tell. I knew where it was because I remembered when the white puffles first came. Because a lot of penguins were saying that the statues are white puffles.Japanese Egg

The egg here is hidden. But notice the shape of the lantern on the right side. So all you need to do is click that lantern. But it turns out the lantern was the egg!

5. The fifth clue was kinda tricky. But I solved it. I just remembered that the Gift Shop had some hats, so I gave the Gift Shop a shot. And to my surprise it was there.Gift Egg

Now just like the one in the Town. The egg is hiding in an item. All you have to do here is click the hat that is the one below the other hats. Then the hat will rise and the egg should appear, then click it.

6. The sixth clue was talking about a place that was cozy. A figure popped up in my mind when I saw the word cozy. I thought of a fireplace. Then the word fishy showed up then I was definitely sure where the egg was… the Ski Lodge.Fish Egg

What you need to do here is like the one in the Mine. Hover over the green door or the cooler then the fishes would appear in the cooler and the egg should be with the fishes. Then obviously click on it.

7. The seventh clue was I little bit confusing considering there was a lot of signs in Club Penguin. But there was one sign that was oddly famous, the pole on top of the mountainSnowflake Egg

The egg here is hidden as well. What you need to do is to click the middle top of the pole. Then the egg should pop out of the pole. Then click on it.

8. The eight clue mentions the egg is somewhere bright. Then it also said if it is too bright we wouldnt be able to see the egg. A place popped up in my head. And that place is the Beacon. Where else in Club Penguin would we find a light brighter than the one in the Beacon.Light Egg

All the thing that you need to do here is click on the switch near the light bulb. Then, the light should then be turning off. After it turns off the egg would be visible. And if you can’t see it. Here’s a hint, it’s color is green. Then click on it.

Then you should be able to claim your prize by clicking the Claim Prize button on the pop up when you click the egg button. Or the pop up that shows up everytime you find another egg.

The prize this year is the Pink Bunny Ears.

The Penguin Play Awards is over and The Quest of The Golden Puffle play is back in the stage. That is because of it’s triumphant win.

The snow sculptures are gone. But congratulations to the winners.

The new pin can be found at the Forest. It is the Chocolate Bunny Pin.Chocolate Bunny Pin


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2 Responses to “Easter Egg-stravaganza”

  1. Wizard 4532 Says:

    Overall a good guidde however on clue number 4 in the dojo you have said the lantern on the left side, the egg is actually on the right

  2. pengyzu Says:

    Wow thanks for the correction. Simple carelessness for me. Thank you so much helping me improve this post. 😀 But you do know that was carelessness right?

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