Please Forgive Me


To Everybody Who Attended My Party: I’m so sorry. I wasn’t able to attend. Please forgive me. I woke up late beacuse my father didn’t successfully wake me up on time. Im terribly sorry. I hope you still attend my site. Don’t be discouraged. Please. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

I’m so sorry. I’ll make this up. I’m gonna throw another party. 😦Invitation #2

You are invited to Pengyzu’s Party

When: April 11, 2009. The Banner is wrong. The actual time is 4:00 AM till 5:30 AM.

Where: At the Cove in Server Tundra

Why: 100 Hits In Pengyzu’s Blog

How: Dancing, Talking, Showing and a lot of Screenshots.

Keep Visiting!!! Hope You come! 😦


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