Medieval News


I found another sneak peak of what we are possibly gonna see in the Medieval Party tomorrow:Medieval Lighthouse

The picture seems to show the Beach. Notice the crystals in Club Penguin right now are right next to the Lighthouse. So this picture seems to show that the Lighthouse in the Medieval Party will be a Stone Tower. Although this might be just in the picture. So let’s just wait and see.

Next, Club Penguin revealed the name of the upcoming stage play. It is called The Haunting of The Viking Opera: The Haunting of The Viking Opera

This stage play will start tomorrow,  with the Medieval Party. The characters in this play is kinda mixed-up. The storyline in this play is this: The vikings will perform an opera but start having troubles because of a mysterious ghost. A detective will then start to investigate about this mysterious phenomenon.

The older sneak peak of this play is the two puffles at the top. The ones that are smiling and frowning. They will be wearing viking hats in the play: Puffle Vikings

Also, Club Penguin released another “You Decide”. Only this time, instead of choosing the background, we are choosing among colors. The color that is picked will be the color of the new wig in the upcoming June Clothing Catalog. The wig will be this one: New Wig

The colors you can pick from is Blonde, Dark Red-Brown and Blue: Wig Colors


Club Penguin also revealed earlier that the winner background in You Decide: Background will be shown in a special medieval catalog. Starting tomorrow.

Thats all for now. Also don’t foget about my party tomorrow. Hope you can come. Also, check out the Pengyzu GIFs page. I have made new GIF Site Banners featuring Club Penguin’s famous penguins.


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