“All Things Medieval”


Club Penguin released the awaited event by millions of penguins, the Medieval Party! And Club Penguin, as promised, released all the things we liked last year, a special Medieval Catalog and A Special Member’s Quest.

1. Medieval Party – Ye Party Has Started. And all ye rooms are decorated, except ye olde Sport Shop, ye trusty Iceberg, ye Ninja Hideout, ye Dojo, ye Dojo Courtyard and ye Spy HQ.

2. Free Items – There are four free items, sadly, only one for non-members. That one free item is ye olde Wizard hat at ye Wizard Tower (Lighthouse): Wizard Hat

Go to the table at the bottom-left part of the Lighthouse. Click on the Hat located above the table. Wizard Hat 2

The other three items are located in the member’s only room, The Quest Room. These three items are, the Gold Shield, Gold Knight Helmet and Gold Knight Armor. There are three challenges that you must overcome to get all three items.

3. The Haunting of The Viking Opera – The new stage play has also arrived. With the costumes and a script. Although the puffle vikings that were shown in Club Penguin’s sneak peak, seems to be just in the picture.

4. King’s Crown Pin – The new pin has also arrived. It is located at the Boiler Room. To obtain it. You must hover your mouse over the cauldron full of molten metal above the Pin Maker 3000: Pin 1

After you do that, the cauldron should tip and spill the molten metal into the hole:Pin 2

Then after it fills the hole. A tablet should pop out of the wall and lower down above the hole. Then just wait until it cools down and the tablet arises…. And presto. The King’s Crown Pin Should appear: Pin 3


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One Response to ““All Things Medieval””

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