Item Interaction


Breaking news everybody. Club Penguin released a new feature with clothes that we will possibly appear in other items in the future. This is due to the new play, The Haunting of The Viking Opera. Where they see a ghost holding a flashlight that glows. You may think this is just like other special dances with two items or more. But it’s not.  Because this special dance cannot be performed with only one of the two items needed, the Flashlight and the Ghost Costume. And think of it, you would not have imagined your penguin glowing by just wearing a Ghost Costume and a Flashlight. Unlike others, they are actually pairs. For example, the Fireman’s Hat and the Fireman’s Suit. Glowing Ghost


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2 Responses to “Item Interaction”

  1. flubby123456 Says:

    Haha. I posted this too!
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  2. flubby123456 Says:

    so hows everything going?

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