Rockhopper Is Coming!


Rockhopper is coming… Rockhopper is coming… Rockhopper is COMING!!!! That’s right folks, you heard it right, Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin. And Penguin Times reveals a text about what Rockhopper has done. Do you think something special is gonna happen when he comes? Do you think he will bring a NEW background? Or a NEW FREE item? Here’s the text: A Pirate With A Plan

Next, in the Upcoming events section of Penguin Times. It reveals that Rockhopper is coming sometime this month.Rockhopper Coming

And I will show you every three days what is the status. The status is the picture of what is currently showing in the Telescope in the Beacon. So here’s the lookout for today: Lookout #1

It seems like Rockhopper isn’t coming yet. Let’s see what will happen in three days. I will show a lookout again on Sunday.


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5 Responses to “Rockhopper Is Coming!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    i know that rockhopper will probabbly bring a new bg

  2. Daniel Says:

    pengyzu plz email me

  3. Chocolate196 Says:

    I’m having a commenting competition!!! You should check it out:

  4. flubby123456 Says:


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