Better Igloos Catalog and Red Alert


Please note that the pages I’m telling (e.g. 2nd page) is counted as 2 per screen.

First of all. The new Better igloos Catalog is out. As promised, it features Medieval Items. Sadly, there is only a few of them. Here are the cheats:

1. On the 2nd Page, Click the Medieval Banner to Get a Penguin Knight Sculpture that costs 900 coins:BIC Item 1

2. On the 5th page, Click on the lowest bush in the Poodle Plant to get a Wheelbarrow that costs 480 coins:BIC Item 2

3. On the 7th page, Click on the corn in the right side in the Vegetable Garden item to get the Picket Fence that costs 100 coins each: BIC Item 3

4. On the 12th page, Click on the Red Guitar and you will get a Disco Ball that costs 700 coins: BIC Item 4

And most importantly, Rockhopper is coming. I looked through the Telescope and saw the Migrator. But I think it’s decorated. The estimated time of arrival will be 1 – 2 Weeks. Here’s what I saw in the telescope: Lookout #2

I’m so excited!


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