Rockhopper News


First of all. As I said Rockhopper would arrive on May 22, Friday. And The Penguin Times Reveal that he indeed brought a whole forest: Rockhopper Arrives

Also Penguin Times Also Reveals that we will solve the mystery of the plants. These plants came from Rockhopper Island. That’s why you wouldn’t find any in Club Penguin because they are all tropical. Here’s the paragraph of the Penguin Times about Rockhopper’s Arrival: Rockhopper Statement

And Sensei reveals in the Penguin Times that later on, he will show you your cards online and you will be able to see how close you are to getting your next belt. Although the specific date of release of new features isn’t specified: Important News

And the new pin will be hidden the same time as Rockhopper Arrives. The new Penguin Style Catalog will be out at June 5. And the new Snow and Sports Catalog will be out on May 29. Here are the upcoming events: Upcoming Events


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2 Responses to “Rockhopper News”

  1. Daяthpuckie Says:

    Nice post!

  2. yodomz Says:

    cool site! I can’t wait until rockhopper comes tommorow and see what we can do with the plants! I hope that everyone will be able to go rockhopper island soon 😉

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