Lots of Adventures


Hello people, Pengyzu here. As we all know, the Adventure Party is in town and is rocking the whole Club Penguin island. So here I am posting for the walkthrough for the whole Adventure Party. Let’s start with the Adventure Hunt, in the Adventure Hunt, we will look for 8 different items scattered all over Club Penguin. To start the Adventure Hunt, click the Binoculars at the top-right side of the screen:

Adventure Hunt

Every item in the Adventure Hunt has a hint, all the items doesn’t need to be found in an order. But we’ll start the walkthrough in order by left to right in the Adventure Hunt Item List.

The first one’s hint is “Your Adventure Begins Down Below! Watch Out The Window And Say Hello!” This talks about going underneath the ground which leaves us with the Boiler Room, the Cave and the Mine. It also mention a window, which leaves us with the Cave. To find the item, you need to wait for a few seconds by the window until a Grey Fish appears. When it does, click it and you will obtain that item.


The second hint is “By A Hay Shack Is Where This Grows, It’s Flowers Bloom Like Small Rainbows” This mentions a place which has a shack that is made of hay. The only shack there is on Club Penguin is the one in the Cove. All you have to do to find it is click the plant with buds and no flowers. After you click it, it should bloom like a rainbow and after it does, click it once more and you should obtain the second item.

Rainbow Vine

The third hint is “Out At Sea By Two Fancy Boats, Next To A Stone This Animal Floats” All in Club Penguin therecan be multiple boats. but the boats docked now or the ones in display now are in the Dock. So to find this item in the Dock, you must click on the floating turtle shell right beside the rock in the water. After you clicked the shell, the shell should have moved on to the rock. After the turtle climbs on the rock, click it once more and you should obtain the item.


The fourth hint says “Near Forts Of Stone, With One Petal Is Showing, Is Where You’ll Find These Next Ones Growing” It mentions forts, which leaves us with the Snow Forts. When you get there, there should be a bush of flowers with only one petal showing beside the clock tower. If you click that bush, it should show the rest of the petals of the flower. And once you click it again, you should obtain the item.

Feather Flower

The fifth hint says “Look Out To Sea, For A Gushing Spray, On An Off Shore Island Where Penguins Play” This mentions another island within range of Club Penguin. That only leaves us with one room, the Iceberg. If you go there, there should be water gushing from the sea at the top-left side of the room. If you click it, the whale should appear. After that, click it once more and you should obtain that item.


The sixth hint says “This Next Plant In Purple And Green, Above Dirty Dishes That Need To Be Cleaned” This mentions dishes which means it should be near a catering place or in it. The only place in Club Penguin which has shown dirty dishes is the Plaza. When you get there, click on the buds at the top-right part of the room. the buds should bloom. After it does, click it once more and you should obtain the item.

Purple And Green Plant

The seventh hint says “Off The Coast In A Wet Disguise, Just Look For The Place Where The Bubbles All Rise” this mentions that the item is hiding underwater where bubbles rise. Which leaves us with the rooms at the edges of the Club Penguin island. But there is one certain room where there are bubbles rising from the water. Go to the Beach then click the bubles at the lower-right side of the room. A Jellyfish should pop out of the spot where the bubbles rise. Once you click it once again, you should obtain the item.


The last hint says “Just One More, And You’ve Got Them All, Look Where The Twin Waterfalls Fall” There’s only one place in Club Penguin where there are two waterfalls and that the Forest. So head there and you should see a big and pink flower near the top-middle part of the room. Once you click it you should obtain every item.

Big Flower

Once you do, the list should look like this:

Finished Adventure Hunt

If it looks like that, click the Claim Prize button and a screen should appear:

Adventure Party Background

Click the Yes Button and you should obtain the Adventure Party Background. After that waddlen down to the Plaza and the Tree Forts at the Forest (Members-only) and get the free items. The free item for non-members and members is the Green Safari Hat. If you are a member, go to the Forest and go up to the Tree Forts where you will find the snowball-eating plant and the Blue Bird item.

Green Safari Hat

This is what your player card should look like if you wear the Adventure Party Background and the Green Safari Hat:

Green Safari Hat Pin 2

In other news, the Fairy Fables has made a comeback at the Stage with the same items sold in the Costumer Trunk. Hope this walkthrough was helpful.


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