New Treasure Book and Other New Toys


Club Penguin has released the new Treasure Book. But this time, they added a secret. If you click on the tree in the bottom-middle part of the book on the page where you would find the Squidzoid Costume, the Bumblebee costume would appear. They also added a feature that let’s you view other series of Treasure Book. (Most likely because we can still unlock items from older series)

New Treasure Book

Club Penguin also revealed the other new toys we could expect. It is the Snow Trekker and the Space Ship. These toys are different from other toys released because these toys are a model of vehicle seen from Club Penguin and Elite Force. The Snow Trekker has been in Club Penguin since Club Penguin started. In appeared in some parties and it also appeared in the very first Penguin Style Catalog. A Snow Trekker is a vehicle that is used on snow. While, the Space Ship came from the play, Planet Z.

New Toys

The Series 2 Puffles will also be coming to North America and later on to Australia and New Zealand. These puffle also show their personality by their facial expression.

Series 2 Puffles

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One Response to “New Treasure Book and Other New Toys”

  1. yodomz Says:

    For some reason I can’t view the other treasure books, only Series 2

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