Site Under Construction and Hiring New Authors


Hi people. Pengyzu here. I missed you guys so much. Sorry I have been neglecting this site. Where I’m from, it’s school time so I have no time. But no worries, I’m just closing this site temporarily. And when it’s back-up, I won’t ignore it like last time. And since I can’t post that much as before. I’m hiring new experienced authors. If you want to be one, please fill out this form in a comment:

1. Penguin Name:

2. How Old Is Your Penguin:

3.  Why Do You Want To Be An Author:

4. Your E-mail Address:

5. Do You Post Often:

6. If I Hire You, Would You Promise To Post On My Site Regularly?

Copy and paste the form in a comment and answer. Please answer it truthfully.

So, I’ll see you guys soon. Please continue visiting.


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