Things That Go Bump In The Night


Hello everybody. Pengyzu here. I’m extremely sorry for neglecting this site, and since I have time to post, I am. So this post will be covering this week’s news until today: Friday. First of all, since Monday, the Dojo had a makeover and looks much neater. The two black puffles are also back:

Dojo Makeover

Next up, the Thursday newspaper news. It mentions that one of the new plays coming in the Stage is a remake of Gamma Girl and Shadow Boy. This time with new effects, script and a new character. Sensei’s fourtune cookie talks about a change in the volcano coming. (More specifically on Friday)

Newspaper News 1

And the upcoming events are the new stage play, news post cards, a new furniture catalog, a new clothing catalog and a new pin.


Now for the Friday news. First, the volcano change Sensei was talking about. It got much more active.

Volcano Stage 3

And the new Halloween Edition Catalog. First, on the first page, you will have to click on the light and the Ghost Costume should appear. Also, click the small mushroom at the bottomleft side and the Black Superhero Cape should appear.

PSC Halloween Edition Cheats 1

PSC Halloween Edition Cheats 2

Next, you should click on Frankenpenguin’s foot in the next page to get the Black Superhero Mask. It seems that the new wizard costume is being mixed with an old medieval friend, the Crystal Staff. And the Frankenpenguin costume made a comeback from last year.

PSC Halloween Edition Cheats 3

And the winner of the new Gnome costume in the Stage is Gnome 1.

Winner Gnome

That is all. But seriously, if anyone of you wants to be an author just e-mail me.



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