Double Trouble


Hey penguins. Pengyzu here. So since it’s Thursday, the newspaper came out.  It had news and sneak peaks, let’s start off with the announcement of a Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest.

Halloween Igloo DC

The decorating contest will start on October 16th. So for members that are willing to participate, better get ready. Next up is the reminder for the 4th Anniversary of Club Penguin that will only last for one day.

Anniversary Party

And now for the Volcano Mystery, so it’s been bugging and intruiging us for a while now, but looks like it’s coming to it’s finale soon. So the newspaper mentioned somthing about it. Looks like Gary the Gadget Guy has to do something with it… possibly a new mission of some sort.


And the upcoming events has been upated, the new play will be tomorrow, but Billybob has shown us some pictures of Squidzoid’s new 80 % controllable, collosal monster. I think his name is Melmon, it isnt confirmed yet though.

Melmon Monster

Here’s another sneak peak from the newspaper. As you can see, he’s humongous.

Melmon Sneak Peak

And now for the Upcoming Events. Now the new BIC will be coming on October 16, just in time to help members with the Decorating Contest.

Upcoming Events


4 Responses to “Double Trouble”

  1. hokieboy01 Says:

    how did u get that widget?

  2. hokieboy01 Says:

    lol i can edit those pics so they are so kreepy and if u want an example of my comp. skill go to This Blog

  3. hokieboy01 Says:

    wait to This BLOG NOT THE 1st

  4. hokieboy01 Says:

    nvm ill put the link later

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