About Club Penguin

As we know today Club Penguin is a computer game that allows us to chat with other penguins (players) and buy stuff for our penguin by earning points by playing multiple fun games. We also get to explore the whole island and more. We also know today there is one hidden place in the map…. The Iceberg. But there is a lot more of Club Penguin as it looks, you see Club Penguin wasn’t actually called Club Penguin before and it didn’t had it’s own site clubpenguin.com. Before it was actually called Penguin Chat 3, it can be played in rocketsnail.com. But now that disney took over Penguin Chat 3’s name was changed into Club Penguin, it was moved into clubpenguin.com and they closed rocketsnail.com so more people would go on clubpenguin.com. In Penguin Chat 3 there was only one place you could go to, The Town. The Town in Penguin Chat 3 isn’t very different from the one we have now. Except there was more chairs and tables in front of the coffe shop and it snowed in the town too. In Penguin Chat 3 there was no such things as member penguins. And if you go to places other than the town, all you would actually see are snow, snowcats and penguins. So now you know what happened. I wasn’t a player of Penguin Chat 3 but I did my research to find this conclusions.

Puffle Party

Before Club Penguins didn’t have puffles (yes, the sweet and round things) to adopt. The first puffles were the Blue puffle and the Red puffle. And the first penguin who was an owner of a puffle is Rockhopper and his Red puffle Yarr. But on the Club Penguin 2009 Puffle Party, Screenhog posted things about the puffles. The first puffles were released at March 2007. At first penguins all over talked about wanting something they could adopt as a pet for their penguins. So Club Penguin brainstormed and drew some ideas. The pictures were shown on the actual blog by Screenhog itself. I did research on history of puffles as well and got this information. Thanks to tykerq.wordpress.com and manufan3.wordpress.com

March 19, 2009

Screenhog posted proof revealing that the Stage didn’t  exist until November 2007. Before, the area where the Stage is now used to be a space with one table and two empty chairs:

It's empty see. Wait is that cobwebs...

It's empty see. Wait is that cobwebs...

 So now you know. Plus as a bonus the creation of the stage attracted our cute little artistic yellow puffle friend that shows up time to time at the stage.


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