About April Fools Day

As we know now, April Fools Day is an event celebrated on April 1st by some countries. But what really is the story behind April Fools Day? Nobody really knows. Did you know that April Fools Day is also called All Fools Day.

This day is marked by the pranks that is done to friends, family member, enemies, neighbors and other people you don’t know. They usually do pranks in speech by saying something that is not true. But most pranks involve physical contact and objects. They also show pranks in speech by sending a person to an errand that you just made up. The aim of pranking other people is to humiliate the gullible.

In some countries the pranking time is from early morning until noon, if somebody does a prank after noon they will be called an “April Fool”. But in other countries the pranking time is all day long, such as America.

April Fools is sometimes dangerous because of people suspecting a prank. That is why people won’t believe things easily even though they are true.

So today, April Fools is quite a silly but somehow dangerous day. But not in Club Penguin, April Fools Day is all funny. Club Penguin April Fools Party is full of tricks, secrets and free items. Club Penguin’s first April Fools Day was in April 2006 since Club Penguin started in October 2005. There are two events that is highly awaited in the month is the April Fools Party and the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. The two most common items on April is the Propeller Caps and the Bunny Ears.

References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Fools’_Day


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