Ask Me

Pengyzu Originals 5

You can ask me anything about Club Penguin. You can ask me in the form of Comments. I will answer you the best way I can.

You cannot ask me any personal information. Saying any personal information other than names, countries and gender in my site is strictly prohibited. You can’t ask me any personal information even countries and gender. But you can ask me my name. Any violators comment then will be unapproved and deleted. But violators can still comment even after their comment is deleted.

Being mean, rude or saying bad words is also prohibited. The punishment is the same as the punishment of saying personal information.

There’s a maximum amount of questions you can ente. The maximum is 5 questions. If you reach five you must wait until somebody else comments. Don’t worry I will comment you not by editing your comment so you can keep on asking questions.

You can also advertise about safe Club Penguin sites. I might even add you to my blogroll. You can only advertise 3 times on this page.

I hope you like my site. 😀 Stay Safe!


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