Cart Surfer Combinations

This is the page where I will post the possible combinations of keys to make tricks in Cart Surfer.

Let’s Start Of With The Basics:

Left Arrow = Tilt Left10P – Turns

Right Arrow = Tilt Right10P – Turns

Up Arrow = Ride on top of the Cart

Down Arrow = Tilt Backward

Space Bar = Jump

Combination Tricks:

Space Bar + Down Arrow = Grind**

Space Bar + Left Arrow = Mid Air 360 Twirl (Twirls to the Left)****

Space Bar + Right Arrow = Mid Air 360 Twirl (Twirls to the Right)****

Space Bar + Up Arrow = Flap in Mid Air**

Down Arrow + Space Bar = Backflip*****

Down Arrow + Down Arrow = Carry Cart****

Down Arrow + Left Arrow = Grind Facing Left*s – Hold

Down Arrow + Right Arrow = Grind Facing Right*s – Hold

Up Arrow + Up Arrow = Handstand on Cart****

Up Arrow + Left Arrow = Tilt Left while Standing on Cart*s

Up Arrow + Right Arrow = Tilt Right while Standing on Cart*s

Up Arrow + Space Bar = Jump while Standing on Cart*

Equivalent Ponits (Legend):

*  = 20 Points

** = 30 Points

*** = 50 Points

**** = 80 Points

***** = 100 Points

*s = Depends

*s Points:

  • The number of points earned while doing any of the Combination Grinds/ “Down Arrow+Space Bar” is based upon how long you were holding the keys (how long you were doing the grind). But be warned, because if you hold the keys to long your penguin will lose balance and tumble therefore losing a life.


Hold = You need to hold both keys to do the trick

Turns =  Only earns points when trick is used during the turn.


  • The number of points you earn with a single trick halves when the specific trick is used more than once in a row. (Tricks with left and right versions count as one trick)

Let me know if you know other tricks.


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