Funny Pictures

1. Runaway Propeller Cap

Funny Pic 1

Looks like a penguin just lost their cap. Cause I saw a Blue Propeller Cap floating by itself. This picture is not edited.

2. Sledding on the Sky

Funny Pic 2

My dreams must be coming true. My penguin can fly now. Or at least that was I thought. But this actually is a glitch. Try going on ice before reaching the finish line. You will be sliding until the end. The end is actually the sky. Try doing it yourself. This picture is not edited.. only weird.

These next pics are by Indiana 45733.

1.Fairly Odd Parents

5-20-2009 2-12-26 PMThis is pengyzu and my other penguin  its wierd but funny lol.

2.Who wants soup?

5-20-2009 1-58-51 PMThis is my other penguin and my friend thepenguinkl.


5-18-2009 5-38-10 PMThis is my penguin Indiana45733 acting like a hobo lol.


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