Hints on Creating A Club Penguin Help Website

Since I want a helpful penguin here are some hints to create your very own Club Penguin Help website:

1.  Naming your website

  • I suggest naming your website after the name of your penguin or you could name it with something Club Penguin related.

2.  Creating pages

  • Creating a page about your penguin is a vital part of creating a CP Help website.
  • I also suggest creating pages about a certain topic on Club Penguin.

3. Creating  posts

  • Try making post that is mixed with a little of humor.
  • Make posts recently so that your viewers won’t lose their patience.

4. Creating screenshots for everything. (In Case You Didn’t Know)

  1. (Your current page you are doing step 1 on is supposed to be the one you want to take a screenshot of.) Find the Print Screen  button on your keyboard and then click it. (Sometimes Print Screen button will appear on your keyboard as PrtSc)
  2. Open the Paint program and then once opened press Ctrl + V (notice the page you took a screenshot of will apear in the drawing area)
  3. Save it but remember  save it as a JPEG so that it will be created as a image.
  4. (Optional but really reccomended for privacy) If you want to edit or somehow crop your image, open the image with Microsoft Picture Manager.
  5. (Optional) If you want to put things like boxes or drawings, do it after step 2 before you save it.

5. Have fun!


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