Pengyzu’s How To Become A Ninja Guide

Pengyzu Originals 2

1. To start off your adventure on the path of becoming a ninja, you must get your Starter Deck from your ninja master Sensei.

2. After recieving your Starter Deck, you can start Battling Other Penguins.

3. While Battling, here are some tips to help you Win.

 * Start off with either a High or Low Numbered Water or High or Low Numbered Snow.

 * The second move is Your Choice. My secret is just using my Instincts with Logical Reasoning.

 * After getting a Mark/ two Marks, you have the choice of making Another Mark from the Same Element (This can be done Twice) or still going with Pure Instinct if you think you will win.

  – Example for Choice 1: Two Snows/ Two Fires/ Two Waters

  – Example for Choice 2: 1 of Each Element

 * If you picked Choice 1, your opponent will have a rough time figuring out what element should he/ she should throw in.

 * In a battle you could choose between Two Paths to Win.

  – The First Path is Having All Three Elements with Different Colors.

  – The Second Path is Having Three Different Colors of One Element.

4. After Beating Several Opponents, your ranking will Rise ( The ranking is shown by the Color of Your Belt)

 * Although the number of wins to increase your ranking is unknown.

 *  After a battle you earn Imaginary Points. A Win is equal to 1 Point. Even if you Lose, you still earn Half a Point. These imaginary points add up and if it creates a number that is Higher or the Same as the number of points you need to Change Belts.

  – But the number of imaginary points to Promote Ranking is Random and Unknown.

5. After gaining your Black Belt, you must Beat Sensei in order to become a Ninja. (Remember to be a Ninja, you must Beat Sensei in (Without Exceptions) the ranking of a Black Belt.

 * Sensei is Unbeatable until after you try and beat him 5 – 10 Times.

 * Sensei in the State of Vulnerability, still needs to be approached with Caution. Just pick the Card Combinations that let you win. (Always pick Cards with High Numbers except when the Switcheroo Effect is taking place) Remember, Do Not Pick Cards that You Know Sensei Will Predict and Counter.

 *Sensei uses Special Cards that are more powerful than the Cards in your Starter Deck.

 * It’s just a matter of Luck and Strategy to Beat Sensei.

 *Keep trying until you win. You will eventually be triumphant.

6. If you think the Path is A Little Bit Long and you are Really Desperate, try buying the Card-jitsu Cards in real Life That Has A Code. If you input that Code in Unlock Items Option, you will gain Special Cards just like what Sensei has.

7. Have Fun With It.

So I’ll see you in the Ninja Hideout. By the way you will earn a free ninja mask after beating Sensei and becoming a Ninja. Good Luck!


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